CGF Articles & Editorials

Human Capital and Talent Management: Sustainable? (2012-06-25)

One of the biggest oversights found in many organisations is that they generally do not factor their Human Capital risks, neither integrate these risks within the overall risks of the organisation.

Combined Assurance-Double checks business reporting (2012-06-01)

Considering the heightened awareness of governance reporting and the increased accountability attached to directors; so much has changed for business leaders since the collapse of Enron and WorldCom in the United States, the HIH Insurance Group in Australia and Parmalat in Italy.  Unsurprisingly, South Africa has also had its fair share of corporate failures, most notably those found in the cases of Aurora Mining company, Macmed, Leisurenet, Fidentia and Regal Bank.

From dark ages to enlightened reporting (2012-05-08)

Modern day company reporting finds its roots as far back as 7500 BC, which is when we believe the first rudimentary form of accounting records and tokens may have been used to track certain business activities.

Opening and closing address for MDG Review Summit & Exhibition 2012 (2012-05-03)

Good morning esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen; and a special welcome to all of those who have travelled from near and afar, in order to attend this special event – the MDG Review Summit & Exhibition of 2012.

'Heads-up" for Directors in the Cloud (2012-03-13)

There’s much that can be said about the manner in which members of a board are ‘wired’, and it does not take much to recognise those directors who embrace technology and those who don’t. 

Fighting corruption to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) (2012-03-13)

Crime experts, economists and NGOs were recently not surprised that an estimated R30 billion was being lost annually by South African taxpayers due to graft, incompetence and negligence in the public service.

More than a Secretary: The keeper of secrets (2012-02-29)

The role of the company secretary has in past times been referred to as the “keeper of secrets”. This title was aptly attached to the person responsible for recording the minutes of a (business) meeting containing sensitive or legal information, and being discussed amongst a privileged few.

Procurement fraud: The bitter truth (2012-01-27)

In many countries, government and large businesses is dependant upon suppliers and contractors to provide various services and products, as a critical support to their operations. 

Isn't this just more red-tape? (2011-12-07)

The recent phone hacking and banking scandals in Europe have again illustrated the importance of corporate governance; showcasing the manner in which organisations can incur irreparable damage to their reputation when they do not pay correct attention to their governance practices.

Staying ahead of change; Building and protecting future value (2011-11-09)

Throughout the history of mankind, much has been said and written about change