CGF Articles & Editorials

Momentum builds toward the Southern Africa inaugural compliance awards (2014-08-22)

As a strategic partner of the inaugural Southern Africa Compliance Awards, CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd (‘CGF’) is proud to be a part of this auspicious event.

B-BBEE: An Act in progress... (2014-08-20)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

Since the original launch of what was first known to be the Black Economic Empowerment Act No. 53 of 2003 (‘the Act’) which was signed into South African law in January 2004, the Act has seen many changes.

Gender diversity in the boardroom (2014-07-30)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

As South Africa heads toward National Women’s Day -- which has been established as an annual public holiday to commemorate the role women have played in South Africa’s democracy -- it is appropriate to focus on gender diversity in the boardroom and how South Africa is fairing against other developed and developing countries worldwide.

CGF’s in-house governance courses gaining popularity (2014-07-21)

Advertorial by CGF Research Institute (Pty) Ltd

Since different industry sectors vary quite substantially from one to the next; it stands to reason that their respective challenges, as well as the type of people required to direct and manage their businesses remains an on-going test. 

CGF probes for exceptional Non-Executive Director talent (2014-07-14)

Advertorial by CGF Research Institute

Economic stresses and the increasing demands for responsible governance have resulted in a fundamental shift in the requirements of the role of a Non-executive Director (‘NeD’).

The leadership challenge: Balancing compliance with freedom for commitment (2014-07-09)

Article by CGF Research, written by Dr. Gerhard van Rensburg

Excellence is mostly a matter of balance.  As Aristotle said wisely, the challenge is not only to do the right thing, but to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Corporate Espionage: lethal by intent (2014-06-27)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

It may sound remnant of a bygone era in the movies; however corporate espionage in the workplace is alive and well and is estimated to be costing organisations a great deal of money. 

Teaming through governance: The CGF way (2014-06-17)

Advertorial by CGF Research Institute

No matter what the size of a business operation may be, the critical focus placed on corporate governance will continuously crop up in organisations, directly or indirectly through key stakeholders and its supply chain.

Piercing the rights of privacy - Anton Piller (2014-06-09)

Article by Terrance M. Booysen

The Bill of Rights in Chapter Two of our Constitution is the cornerstone of democracy in South Africa, and it enshrines a number of rights bestowed upon its citizens. 

Unleashing managers experience for the boardroom (2014-06-03)

Advertorial by CGF Research

As is the case with group association; people most often want to be associated with ‘success’ and they align themselves with various elements they believe will expedite the process to unlocking the formulae for their personal accomplishment.