Governance Pledge - Individual Annual Membership

1. Introduction

CGF Research Institute’s Good Governance Pledge

Introduction to individual membership

Increasingly, individuals hear so much about the value of good governance, yet most often never know what this really means and the manner in which to achieve good governance. Simply put, good governance is about upholding the principles of self discipline and ethical behaviour. Sadly, many individuals are ‘ignorant’ of this simple truth and have possibly believed that the term ‘corporate governance’ is only attached to the functions and behaviour of a board and its directors.

Of course this belief is quite misguided. There is a distinctive role that each of us can fulfill to ensure that the businesses in which we work -- and spend so much of our time in -- become positively influenced by our individual attitudes and behaviour. Therefore, it goes without saying that good governance is not singularly dependent upon a board and its directors, but indeed is greatly enhanced by the support each company employee contributes towards the company becoming a better, disciplined and sustainable organisation.

It is in this regard that CGF Research Institute believes each small change in positive behaviour found within concerned and responsible individuals -- who support this notion -- can have a radical influence upon not only their fellow colleagues, but also the entire organisation.

Accordingly, CGF Research Institute has embarked upon the necessary actions which would be required to assist individuals to cause “change for good”. We also believe that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. By equipping individuals to visibly show their commitment to good governance, so too will others become motivated to follow similar behaviour which ultimately affects the society in which we live.

Through this initiative, CGF Research Institute would like to encourage and motivate tens of thousands of individual employees -- locally and internationally -- to show their individual support for good governance practice by visibly displaying their CGF Pledge Certificate for Good Governance and acting on their commitment to positive change. We believe, together with all our constituents, that the employees who become members of CGF Research Institute’s drive for good governance will influence the change necessary within business, its supply chain and overall customer satisfaction.

Start the change by committing to good governance practise in your daily routines; at home, work and among friends. Show your support by taking the CGF Research Institute’s Good Governance Pledge.

2. Membership Options

i) One Year subscription fee totaling R547.20 inclusive of 14% VAT (one year payable in advance). Price valid in RSA only.

  • R 480.00 p.a. membership (excluding 14% VAT)

ii) Two year subscription fee totaling R752.40 inclusive of 14% VAT (two years payable in advance). Price valid in RSA only.

  • R 330.00 p.a. membership (excluding 14% VAT)

NOTE: Pledge certificate will only be posted once fees are paid.

3. What you derive from your CGF individual membership?

  • CGF Pledge Certificate for Good Governance
  • The use of CGF's logo in the member's e-mail signature to show their personal commitment to good governance
  • Discount to CGF's Governance Beyond Boards® Interventions
  • Knowledge that 10% of your pledge is donated to a charity organisation of CGF's choice

4. What CGF derives from your annual membership fee?

  • CGF harnesses the collective memberships to donate 10% of the annual membership fees to a charity organisation of CGF's choice
  • Each member becomes a "good governance" ambassador in support of CGF's role within South African businesses
  • CGF's existing governance bargaining power against poorly governed South African organisations is strengthened